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Thumbnail 1 - Lingua Bovina Cotta - Cooked Beef Tongue

Lingua Bovina Cotta - Cooked Beef Tongue


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The Levoni Lingua Bovina Cotta has a delightful flavor and scent that lingers, along with its attractive rose hue and streaked fibers. Additionally, it has a beautiful appearance.

The hue of this Levoni Cooked Beef Tongue is reminiscent of an aged rose. It features a streaking pattern of long and separated protein fibers. This Lingua Bovina Cotta has a somewhat elongated, delicate, and fragile feel. Aromatically, it’s potent and savory, with a smooth finish.

Heating your Lingua Bovine Cotta in its case is possible using the bain marie method. For tacos, you may slice it up and serve it with potatoes, artichokes or spinach, or you can leave it whole and offer it as a side dish. Refosco, a light red wine, is a good choice.

Ezechiello Levoni, a former butcher’s apprentice, is the ancestor of the Levoni family. In 1911, he fulfilled a lifetime ambition by constructing a curing business on the outskirts of Milan. In the years he had studied with Milanese great butchers, he put into practice all that he had learnt. First big recognition came in 1913. Salame Ungherese won a gold prize at “Modern Arts and Industry” International Exhibition in London, where he was proud of his new brand. A novice like him was expected to win only “when pigs fly,” thus this victory was much the sweeter.

After moving the main production to Castellucchio, a Mantuan region, in 1923, Levoni went on to build their own slaughterhouse and curing factory. In 2014, they created its first American subsidiary, bringing Ezechiello’s goal to a whole new level. In its fourth generation, the enterprise is still run by a family and continues to produce high-quality meats.

Storage Instructions

Store in the refrigerator.