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Zanin Grappa di Moscato

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Combining both of the best worlds of grappa and moscato, Zanin Grappa di Moscato Monovitngo is sure to leave you dreaming of a quieter world and awaken your desire for nature.

Imagine taking that which makes moscato delectable and distilling it further into a brandy-like alcohol. Imagine the flavors of the moscato grape but intensified tenfold as the sweet, golden liquid rolls over your tongue like a lazy wave making its way slowly onto the beach. This is but a token experience of what Zanin Grappa di Moscato Monovitngo provides with each sip of this ambrosia.

Grappa traditionally is a brandy distilled from the grapes used in winemaking after they have been pressed for wine. The result is a fragrant, aromatic alcohol that, when done properly, leaves the strong flavor of the grape that was used to create the drink.

Moscato is a sweet dessert wine that is fermented from the muscat variety of grape. The result is a golden elixir designed to transport the one partaking into a paradise of rolling hills and vast fields.

Zanin Grappa di Moscato Monovitngo expertly combined these two wines together in something that can only be described as a match made in heaven. Experience the sweetness of moscato, but the robustness and boldness of grappa today. Excellent as a digestif or as a social beverage that will definitely be a conversation starter in any engagement you attend.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place away from sunlight