Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila

Terry's Circle

Join our community of passionate wine & food enthusiasts

A points-based program with special benefits in thanks to our members' continued patronage & community


  • Get 10% off when you spend Php 2,500 before Php 5,000
  • Get 15% off when you spend Php 10,000 before Php 20,000
  • Get 20% off when you spend Php 20,000 and up


Enjoy our Segovia-style Whole Cochinillo at a special 20% off promotion! This is only for orders at our Terry’s Pasong Tamo Branch.

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Choose Terry’s for your upcoming gatherings this month. Terry’s Circle members enjoy a special rate for events:

  • For all branches except Terry’s Cebu & Pasong Tamo Extension, the minimum consumable charge per head is now Php 1,500 instead of Php 2,000. Please note that there is a minimum no. of pax per branch.

  • For Terry’s Pasong Tamo: on weekdays the minimum consumable is now only Php 90,000 instead of Php 120,000.

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1. Terry’s Circle is a points-based loyalty program! You can earn and redeem points in conjunction with other in-store promotions like Sunday 15% off & Wines of the Month

2. For every Php 100, you earn 3 points

3. Each point is equivalent to Php 1.00

4. Receive a Birthday present from us to you

5. Enjoy special membership-only promotions sent through email

How It Works

Signing up for Membership

New members are eligible for a Terry’s Circle card for a single receipt transaction worth Php 2,500 or more. Points can be earned immediately upon registration. Your cashier will guide you through the rest of the application process. You will receive your card by mail within the following estimated delivery schedule:

  • NCR, Luzon: 7 to 10 Days
  • Cebu: 12 to 15 Days

Earning Points

To earn points, simply give your new Terry’s Circle card to your cashier before you pay. This is currently only available for transactions at any Terry’s or Bistro Madrid branch.

You will see the total no. of points you have when your cashier taps your card.

You can earn points for all items in your transaction: whether from the Bistro or the Gourmet Store & Wine Cellar, and even for in-store promotions like Wines of the Month!

Redeeming Points

To redeem points, simply present your new Terry’s Circle card and one (1) valid ID. Inform your cashier how many points you would like to redeem.

Any remaining amount may be covered using your preferred mode of payment (e.g. cash / credit card / bank transfer / GCash).

Gift Cards

How It Works

  • Gift certificates will now be gift cards so your loved one or friend! It is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • This will come in the form of a Terry’s Circle card and automatic membership!
  • You can purchase Gift Cards from any of our Terry’s & Bistro Madrid Branches nationwide.


  • For GCs, 1 peso is equivalent to 1 point.
  • The recipient can earn points while redeeming the value of your gift!
  • GCs come in denominations of Php 500 or Php 1,000.
  • As these are Terry’s Circle Cards, recipients can use their cards for any purchase or dine-in experience at our Terry’s & Bistro Madrid Branches.

Paper GC

Paper gift certificates will no longer be issued. However, if you have a Terry’s paper gift certificate issued in the past, your GC will still be accepted.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only one (1) Terry’s Circle card will be issued per receipt, regardless of receipt value.
  • Cards are Non-transferrable, only one (1) Terry’s Circle Card per person only.
  • Earning & redeeming points requires the actual physical new Terry’s Circle card.
  • Points are earned through any in-store transaction at any Terry’s & Bistro Madrid branch.
    • Points can be earned upon application.
    • Points can be earned on any transaction, including those with promotions (e.g. Sunday 15% off) or government-mandated discounts (e.g Senior’s Citizen discount)
    • The physical new Terry’s Circle card is required in order to earn points.
  • Points may be redeemed for any in-store transaction at any Terry’s & Bistro Madrid branch.
    • Points can only be redeemed in the succeeding transactions after earning.
    • The physical new Terry’s Circle card AND client’s valid ID corresponding to the cardholder is required to redeem points.
    • Clients can send representatives to transact on their behalf & redeem points, but they must present a letter of authorisation, the physical new Terry’s Circle card, and valid ID of the representative.
  • Joining Terry’s Circle automatically signs you up to our newsletter. You have the option to limit what you receive based on your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Terry’s Circle card at Bistro Madrid?

Yes of course! Your Terry’s Circle card is honoured at all Terry’s and Bistro Madrid branches.

What can I use my points for?

You can use your points for any purchase in-store at any Terry’s & Bistro Madrid branch. At the moment your points cannot be used for online store or event ticket transactions.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

You can check at any of our branches. Present your card at the cashier and tap it to see the amount of points you have earned.

Can I get more than 1 Terry’s Circle card if my receipt is above Php 2,000?

Only 1 receipt per application of membership will be accepted, regardless of value.

Do you have a VIP program?

Yes! When you earn 30,000 points, you become a VIP member. Points are cumulative over the entire duration of membership. VIP members have special benefits, like gifts, priority bookings, exclusive events, and more.

Can I earn / redeem points by just giving my Member or Card number?

To ensure that you as a client enjoy the benefits of your purchases, the physical card is required to earn & redeem points. To redeem points, a valid ID is required.

I already applied but I have not received my card. How can I earn / redeem points?

Please contact us directly so we can better support here

Can I give my membership & card to someone else?
Your membership and card are not transferable. Your points cannot be transferred to another card. However, if you would like to give points to a loved one or friend, you can purchase a gift card. This will come in the form of a Terry’s Circle card and automatic membership! For GCs, 1 peso is equivalent to 1 point.

Can someone other than me use my card to earn points?

Yes, as long as they have the physical card present. They must present this prior to