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El Almendro Crunchy Chocolate Turron

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El Almendro Crunchy Chocolate Turrón is a rich chocolate nougat with the nutty crunch of crispy puffed rice and almonds, a Spanish love affair between velvety chocolate and the classic Spanish turrón.

Traditional turrón (not to be confused with the Filipino turon, turron is a sort of nougat candy) was the inspiration for El Almendro Crunchy Chocolate Turrón.

Crispy rice and chopped almonds are sprinkled on top of the creamy chocolate bar after it’s broken away from the hard nougat, making it an irresistible treat. Every taste of this decadently delicious chocolate turrón will leave you craving more.

This chocolate dessert may be enjoyed at any time of day. Take a sip of your favorite beverage, such as a cup of coffee or tea, then relax with a dessert wine like Shiraz or a sparkling.

The Duval-Leroy Blanc de Blancs Millésime Prestige Brut Champagne Grand Cru is a perfect match with this turrón.

For centuries, Moorish-inspired sweets like turrón duro and blando as well as modern variations like turrón de yema may be found piled high on bakery counters, handed out as presents, and served at parties across Southern Europe during the Christmas season.

Since its founding in 1883, El Almendro, a Spanish company known for its high-quality turrónes, has become linked with this Christmas custom. A box of El Almendro Turrón will bring back memories of a genuinely Spanish Noche Buena, no matter where you are in the world.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.