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Coto de Gomariz White

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Refreshing Elegance from Spain

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This Coto de Gomariz White is a high-quality product endowed with flavors and textures emanating direct from Galicia, Spain. Its unique blend and organic composition makes it an extraordinary wine to delight the most select palates.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Coto de Gomariz White unveils an alluring array of flavours as it dances on your taste buds. Unfermented, ensuring a clean and unadulterated explosion of flavor, this wine is lush with essences of citrus and stone fruit. It starts with a zing, a burst of crisp, bright splashes of lemon, lime, and kiwi. Slowly, the sharper edges mellow and mature into deeper, warmer notes of apricot. As it swirls in your mouth, the rich flavors of peaches unfurl. As the last vestiges of sweetness fade away, there’s a tantalizing finale — a hint of minerality, seasoned with a dash of zest from limes, wrapping up the symphony on the tongue. The wine’s silky, polished texture enhances the overall taste experience, completing this liquid piece of art.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Grilled Seafood: The wine’s citrus notes are perfect companions for seafood. Enjoy the wine with grilled salmon or shrimps or even fresh sushi rolls.

  • Roasted Poultry: The rich, fruit-based flavors enhance the succulence of roasted chicken, simultaneously elevating the taste of the bird and the wine itself.

  • Soft Cheese: The minerality and lime zest at the end envelope the creamy textures of soft cheese like brie and gorgonzola, creating a harmonious balance.

    A Sip Into a Historic Spanish Vineyard

The wine’s origin, the Ribeiro region in Galicia, Spain, contributes considerably to its character. Known for its fascinating history, unique terroir, and superior grape varieties, the region enables the creation of this exceptional wine. It is produced using biodynamic and organic farming practices and comes from a land that dates back to medieval times, owing its viticulture development to influential monasteries. At Coto de Gomariz, the tradition continues, fuelled by passion and respect for the region’s viticultural heritage and the mission of creating wines that reflect its character.

Storage Instructions

Store Coto de Gomariz White at a cool and controlled temperature of 12-14°C or 53-57°F. Keep the wine away from direct sunlight and maintain humidity levels of 60-70%. Store bottles horizontally to ensure the cork remains moist and minimize disturbance or movement.