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Terry’s very own chorizo. Sold both in chilled packages and available for those looking to dine at Terry’s bistro. Whatever your dining preference, this beautiful cured meat is going to leave a smile on your face.


Chorizo, another well-known sausage from the Iberian peninsula of Spain. This region is perhaps most famous for the succulently decadent Jamón Ibérico. This beautifully cured, fermented sausage is made with copious amounts of garlic. Generous servings of paprika is what gives this sausage its well-known reddish hue.

But how do we eat chorizo? Chorizo is fermented and cured, meaning it’s ready to be eaten right out of the packet. Simply slice this sausage and you have the makings of an excellent charcuterie board. It pairs well with sharp cheeses. Try pairing with manchego and mahon.

If you’re looking for something traditional and a little closer to soul food, try recreating kaldereta as was made by our ancestors. Cube 1kg of brisket. Sear the cubes off and then deglaze the pan with a little juice from a can of whole tomatoes. Remove the tomatoes and crush them by hand in a bowl. Be careful not to lose too much of the juices from the tomatoes - this is where all the flavor is. Fry off garlic and onion till golden brown, add the tomatoes and juices, then add the beef cubes and top off with beef stock, vegetable stock, or pork stock. You can also use water, but you might lose a little flavor. Use a pressure cooker or be prepared for the long wait as the braising process will take a little over two or three hours. After this, add in your liver paste, chorizo, and bell peppers. Cook for another 30 minutes or until the flavors have fully permeated. Make sure to check seasoning and adjust.

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend sausage shelf life, store in fridge.