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Thumbnail 1 - Olive Medley Delight: Serpis' Unique Stuffed Olives

Olive Medley Delight: Serpis' Unique Stuffed Olives


Medley of Gastronomic Elegance

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Discover Serpis' Olive Medley Delight, a sophisticated sensory tapestry weaving together diverse Mediterranean aromas, rich flavors, and contrasting textures. Crafted by culinary artisans, these olives encapsulate tradition and innovation.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Imagine a table beneath a Valencian orange grove, where the air hums with the intricate medley of freshly cut grass, green olive leaf, and the natural sweetness of ripe apples. This sets the stage for our journey into the world of Serpis’ Olive Medley Delight. Each olive captures the essence of the Mediterranean’s aromatic landscape, from the nutty undertones of almonds to the crispness of green almonds, adding a delightful contrast to any emerging sweetness.

As you savor, your palate dances through the briny tartness of meticulously cured olives, the savory umami of Serpis Green Olives Stuffed With Jamón Serrano, and the luxuriously buttery touch of Serpis Green Olives Stuffed With Blue Cheese, reminiscent of the region’s soft sunsets. The natural bitterness of the olive finds balance and sophistication, revealing subtle spicy notes that enhance rather than overpower. The texture unfolds in your mouth – from the creamy indulgence of cheese-stuffed olives to the gentle crunch of other varieties.

These olives provide a seamless mouthfeel, with brined ones offering a silky smoothness, and cured ones boasting a proud, slightly drier texture. This is the Olive Medley Delight – a crafted symphony of diverse sensations, a compilation of flavors, and a testament to innovative and traditional artistry.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair with -aged Manchego cheese and slices of baguette or include in a charcuterie board with Iberian meats.
  • Blend into a complex tapenade with fresh herbs, capers, and citrus zest.
  • Nestle within a Mediterranean salad, graced by feta and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elevate pasta dishes by studding them with these flavor-packed orbs.
  • Transform the classic martini, presenting the olive as a cocktail accoutrement.
  • Savor with a glass of full-bodied red wine, or refresh with a crisp white - each sip telling a story from vine to table.

    From Alcoy Textiles to Culinary Legends

The tale of Serpis‘ olives is as rich and intricate as the flavors embedded within each varietal. The brand’s inception in Alcoy, a tapestry of textile prowess and olive cultivation, emerges as a testament to the Mediterranean’s spirit of innovation. The company’s founder, Cándido Miró Rabasa, replaced laborious manual methods with machinery in the 1920s, revolutionizing the landscape of the stuffed olive industry. But more than mere practicality, this pivoted Serpis from regional specialists to global ambassadors of Spanish gastronomy, carrying the symbolic olive branch from historical tradition to the heart of modern culinary arts.

Storage Instructions

Carefully store these gourmet jewels in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once their seal is broken, they should take sanctuary in the cool confines of a refrigerator, where they must be consumed within two weeks for optimal freshness.