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Abadía de Gomariz


Spectacular Spanish Red

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Abadía de Gomariz, an exemplary red wine from the historic vineyards of RIbeiro in Galicia, Spain, embodies the richness of varied indigenous grapes and the spiritual essence of ancient viticulture. Distinctive, full-bodied, and elegant, it enriches the palate with its complexity and charm.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Abadía de Gomariz, a red wine from the lush valleys of Ribeiro in Galicia, Spain, nurtures an intriguing blend of four indigenous grape varieties - Sousón, Brancellao, Ferrol, and Mencía. This amalgamation imparts a distinctive and complex flavour palette, reflecting the lush terroir and the meticulous skills of the winemakers at Coto de Gomariz winery. A captivating bouquet of black cherry, black currant, and liquorice unfurls the olfactory senses, adding subtle layers of tree bark, crushed granite, smoke, and botanical notes. The medley weaves an enticing tapestry of aroma that prepares the palate for the ensuing symphony of flavours. As you take the first sip, ripe, juicy berries dominate, with an undercurrent of warm spices and earthy tones. The mature, moderate tannin accentuates the full-bodied texture of the wine, culminating in a velvety, smooth finish that is both satisfying and invigorating.

Pairings & Suggestions

Abadía de Gomariz is a versatile partner to a culinary repertoire that spans over various cuisines. Its robust body, aromatic complexity and lively flavours harmonise rhythmically with an array of savoury plates.

  • Game and Roasted Meats are a classic pairing. The rich flavours of the game meat, seasoned and cooked to tender perfection, find a worthy match in the Abadía de Gomariz, creating a gastronomic interplay that lingers long after the plates are clean.

  • Stews: The hearty, comforting flavours of a traditional Spanish stew - a vibrant concoction of protein, vegetables, and aromatic herbs - are foiled perfectly by the full body and tartness of the wine, resulting in a delightful dining experience.

  • Strong, Aged Cheeses: The richness and intensity of flavour found in aged cheeses like Manchego or Idiazabal are beautifully complemented by the wine’s tannic backbone, yielding a delightful interplay of aromas, textures, and tastes.

    A Sip Through History: The Legacy of Gomariz Valley

The story of Abadía de Gomariz wine takes root in the rich, viticultural history of the verdant Ribeiro region, in the northwest province of Galicia, Spain. Known as the oldest registered vineyard reserve in Spain, this region has been home to winemaking since the 10th century. The Gomariz valley, where the vineyards of Coto de Gomariz winery thrive today, is renowned for its favourable microclimate, unique terroir, and remarkable grape cultivation. Over the centuries, this region has witnessed the stewardship of diverse ecclesiastical orders and owners, each playing a pivotal role in shaping its illustrious viticultural narrative. The Carreiro family are the current torchbearers of this centuries-old winemaking legacy, dedicating their efforts to revitalising native grape varieties and preserving the sacred traditions of the Ribeiro region’s wine heritage. The result is the exquisite Abadía de Gomariz, a wine that pays homage to the age-old Abbey in Gomariz while expertly capturing the confluence of time, terrain, and talent in each glass.

Storage Instructions

To maintain its prime quality, Abadía de Gomariz should be stored at a temperature range of 13-15°C, in a dark, vibration-reduced environment with relative humidity from 50 to 70%. The wine should be stored in a horizontal position to keep the cork moist, thereby avoiding unnecessary air contact. Strong odours should be avoided. Once opened, it is best to consume within a few days and any residue should be re-corked and refrigerated.