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Thumbnail 1 - Jean Brunet Chicken Liver Confit With Armagnac

Jean Brunet Chicken Liver Confit With Armagnac


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The chicken liver confit flavored with Armagnac that Jean Brunet creates conjures us images of cozy evenings spent in front of the fireplace.

This confit is indulgent and exquisite when served with a charcuterie and cheese spread. Because it does not include any coloring agents or preservatives, this confit maintains its all-natural flavor at all times.This confit takes the ordinary flavor of chicken to a higher level by combining the fatty richness of pig chops, spices, and, of course, smokey Armagnac. It is a classic component of every French picnic. It is an excellent method for preparing chicken livers, since the wonderful pink color and buttery-soft texture are both maintained during the cooking process. This is a tasty complement to any afternoon repast, and the hint of spiciness from the ground peppers makes it stand out.

You may enhance the flavor of this confit by sipping it with a hearty wine from the Loire area, a light red wine such as Pinot Noir or Pineau d’Aunis, or Gamay. This confit is delicious when paired with a smooth and creamy stout, and is the perfect accompaniment for beer lovers who enjoy snacking on patés throughout the day.

These tenets serve as the guiding principles for the Brunet family enterprise. They had their start in the late 1800s as a general charcuterie firm, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that a descendent of the company’s first proprietors, Jean Brunet, began experimenting with patés and terrines. Because of this, the firm received attention on a national and worldwide level. The firm, which is already a century old, continues to adhere to its slogan, which is “combining the finest of ancient skills with the newest modern advancements in culinary preparation.”

Storage Instructions

Store unopened containers of pâté in a cool, dry pantry. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrigerator. It can also be frozen for up to two months, though we recommend you consume it as soon as possible!