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Thumbnail 1 - Ortiz Marmitako (Basque Tuna Stew)

Ortiz Marmitako (Basque Tuna Stew)


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Conservas Ortiz Marmitako or Basque Tuna Stew is a tuna and potato stew that is rustic, hearty and delicious. It is perfect for those who are on the go but still want to enjoy comforting Spanish dishes quickly and efficiently.

The Spanish word “marmitako” roughly translates to “from the pot” and is commonly found in Basque homes and communities. A meal popularized by local fishermen on long fishing trips, this stew is hearty, rich and incredibly flavorful. It is a dish that is described by many as a “taste of home”.

Best enjoyed on a cool summer night or during cooler seasons, the Conservas Ortiz Marmitako Basque Tuna Stew is comforting and is akin to getting a warm and cozy hug. This is why it is such a favorite in Spanish pantries. While it is incredibly hearty and filling, it is also very healthy.

Using Conserva Ortiz’s prized White Tuna, this is prepared by stir-frying green and red peppers with onion and garlic, the White Tuna, potatoes and other fresh and high quality ingredients and spices. Best to enjoy this dish atop a bed of white rice or with some crusty bread and a glass of white wine.

Storage Instructions

Store your tin/jar in a cool, dark, and dry pantry. Unopened, it will last up to 2 years. Once opened, consume your preserved fish/meat within one or two days and keep left­overs with the oil in a sealed con­tain­er in the fridge.