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Happy Hampers - 3500

For Connoisseurs Learning Gourmet

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Enjoy an indulgent meal that each component has been carefully chosen to create an extraordinary eating experience.

Tasting Notes

The Marques De Cáceres Crianza transports you to the rich vineyards of Spanish Rioja with its bold, full-bodied red blend, the perfect accompaniment to the robust flavours of the Huertas Callos con Garbanzos. The Helios Blueberry Natural Extra Jam is a refreshing palate cleanser, the slightly tart taste from the best, natural blueberries being a welcome contrast. The Memorable Torta De Almendra, a crunchy almond turron, is the ideal sweet end to your meal, with the perfect nutty crunch in every bite. The San Marti Penne Pasta, with its firm texture and flavour, absorbs the juices of the Coquet Whole Peeled Tomatoes beautifully, each bite bursting with fresh tanginess. The Serpis Green Olives stuffed with anchovies deliver a hint of the sea, blending with the Jean Brunet Duck Paté With Armagnac for an explosion of palate-pleasing savoury and umami.

  • Pair the penne pasta with a tomato-based sauce, made using the Coquet Whole Peeled Tomatoes, for a simple and quick weeknight dinner.
  • Adding the Huertas Callos con Garbanzos to the pasta gives a rich, hearty twist to the dish.
  • Spread some duck pate on a cracker and have it with the jam for a gourmet appetizer.
  • End your meal with the Memorable Torta De Almendra and a glass of the wine for a sophisticated dessert option.

An Unforgettable Meal

Each product in the ‘Happy Hampers - 3500’ bundle tells a story of its own. The Marques De Cáceres Crianza is a testament to the centuries-old tradition of winemaking in Spain. Helios’ jam, with its pure fruit ingredients, is the product of nature, captured in a jar. The Huertas Callos con Garbanzos is a Spanish staple, its humble roots elevating its remarkable flavours. The simplicity of the San Marti Penne Pasta is deceptive, its quality surpassing that of its counterparts, becoming the heart of any dish it is added to. Memorable’s almond turron is a taste of Christmas in Spain, its taste evoking childhood memories.

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