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Orujo de Galicia Pazo de Valdomino

Artisanal Spirit, Authentic Galician Heritage

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Orujo de Galicia Pazo de Valdomino is an artisanal aguardiente de orujo that embodies the rich liquid heritage of Galicia. A product of painstaking triple distillation using the bagasse of prime Albariño grape, this premium spirit seduces with its nuanced flavours and sublime smoothness.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Orujo de Galicia Pazo de Valdomino lures with its highly crystalline allure. It beckons to the senses with a delicate bouquet of fruit and subtle whiff of pink, hinting at the Albariño grape’s storied symphony. The first sip entrances with a slightly sweet lullaby, harmonizing with the bright, smooth canvas painting the spirit’s soul. This is not just a tasting, it’s a savoring of Galician legacy sculpted within the constraints of earth’s bounty, human skill, and the ceaseless march of the fermantation seasons. Every note encapsulates the profound mastery of the Pazo de Valdomiño distillery, transforming locally sourced Albariño grapes into an extraordinary masterpiece within its sector.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Evoking Purity - Neat: Enjoy this spirit in its purest form, let it whisper about its journey from the vineyard to the bottle.

  • On the Rocks: Savor the subtle changes, as the ice melds into a beguiling dance with the spirit.

  • Harmonious Cocktails: Weave the flavors of this orujo into cocktails, let it transform them with its alluring spark.

  • Culinary Companion: Allow the unique flavor profile of this spirit to elevate your meals and desserts, underlining, complementing, and adding depth to your favorite dishes.

    The Albariño Orison: Birth of a Spirit

The Pazo de Valdomiño distillery in Galicia, a region blessed by utopic viticulture conditions, has been bottling magic since 1996. By choosing bagasse from Albariño grapes, they have showcased the beautifully aromatic soul of this regional staple, lending an authentic Galician touch to their spirit. The rigorous, celebrated process marries traditional recipes, triple distillation, and a one-year rest period, resulting in their award-winning Aguardiente de Orujo, an affirmation of Galicia’s iconic heritage, preserving the ancestral story endangered by time in a bottle.

Storage Instructions

Keep the Orujo de Galicia Pazo de Valdomino in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources. After opening, ensure a tightly sealed cap to maintain its unique taste profile. Storing in a vertical position will prevent potential leakage. Decoding the spirit’s secrets does not demand specific time constraints - enjoy it at your leisure.