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Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco


Centuries-old Tradition, Modern Elegance

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Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco is a captivating red wine hailing from Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain. This exceptional blend boasts complex flavor profiles and ancient traditions with modern eco-driven practices. Its revered character originates from indigenous Sousón, Caiño, and Mencía grapes accented by organic cultivation and sustainable viticulture.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco invites the palate on an intriguing journey through the lush vineyards of Ribeiro. Deep layers of ripe red fruit aromas effortlessly merge with subtle spice notes evoking whispers of cinnamon and cloves. As it opens, this wine reveals a captivating complexity, blending distinct nuances of toasted oak with a curious undercurrent of black pepper. Each sip is a testament to the wine’s unique terroir, echoed in the bold underpinnings of blackberry and cherry flavors and further softened by a gentle hint of vanilla. Well-integrated tannins shape the wine’s velvety texture, giving it structure and balance, and resulting in a truly sensory experience geared to captivate even the most discerning of palates.

Pairings & Suggestions

For the Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco, think of bold, opulent dishes that could match its complexity and balance its robust character. Consider the following:

  • Galician-Style Octopus: Balance the wine’s vibrant fruit notes with the robust flavors of perfectly cooked, tender octopus sprinkled with smoky Spanish paprika and drizzled with just enough olive oil.

  • Veal Medallion with Mushroom Sauce: Complement the wine’s earthy undertones and vanilla hints with succulent, pan-seared veal medallion draped in a rich mushroom and cream-based sauce.

  • Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb: Pair this multifaceted wine with a generously herbed, juicy rack of lamb for a culinary coupling that will make an unforgettable wine-dining experience.

    Timeless Legacy and Modern Commitment in Every Bottle

Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco’s story is deeply intertwined with the rich viticultural heritage of Ribeiro—one of Spain’s oldest wine-producing regions. The winery, located in the oldest Viticultural Reserve of the Iberian Peninsula, exhibits a centuries-old connection to wine culture dating back to the 10th century. The dedication to viticulture and organic practices by the Carreiro family, especially Ricardo Carreiro, follows the lineage of his father Caco, who resumed professional viticulture in the 1970s. This commitment to tradition blends beautifully with a future-forward, eco-conscious approach, a fusion symbolized by the production of each bottle of distinguished Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco.

Storage Instructions

The Coto de Gomariz VX Cuvee Caco should be securely stored at a stable and cool temperature between 12°C-16°C (54°F-61°F) to maintain optimal flavor. This wine thrives in a dark, vibration-free area with balanced humidity between 50% and 80%. When using a natural cork, the bottle is best kept horizontally to keep the cork moist and prevent unwanted air entry. Ensure a well-ventilated storage space to avoid musty odors potentially interfering with the wine’s distinctive aromatics.