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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Château du Breuil 8 Year Sauternes Cask Calvados


Symphony in a Bottle

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Indulge in the Chateau du Breuil 8 Year Sauternes Cask Calvados, an exquisite synthesis of Normandy’s heritage with a Bordeaux twist.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Chateau du Breuil 8 Year Sauternes Cask Calvados is a masterful composition that dances across the palate with harmonious grace. Aged in noble Sauternes casks, it brings a symphony of warm, comforting apple pastry in the nose, invoking rustic images of apple orchards and autumnal spice markets. On the palate, its fruit-based notes of baked apples and white peach marry seamlessly with the richness of grape, creating a delicate yet profound flavor profile. The influence of Sauternes is evident in the custardy dessert-like characteristics it imparts, coupled with subtleties reminiscent of a light and lyrical white wine. The delicate interplay of spices and the botrytis-derived sweetness tell a story of innovation within tradition. It’s the texture, smooth yet brimming with complexity from the apple brandy and Sauternes influence that truly defines the uniqueness of this Calvados. The body is rich, full, commanding attention, yet it retains a serene quality that only comes from adept maturation techniques. This Calvados is more than a drink; it’s an exploration of history, a study of technique, and a heartfelt ode to the apple.

Pairings & Suggestions

Appetizing Harmonies:

  • Craft an opulent finish to your meal with a pairing of this Calvados and a warm tarte Tatin, where the caramelized apples echo the brandy’s core.
  • Pair with a sumptuous blue cheese, where the sharpness meets the sweet botrytis notes in an enthralling dance.
  • Elevate your poultry dishes to a new dimension by incorporating this Calvados into a savory gravy or reduction, paying homage to Normandy’s rich culinary legacy.

    A Pastoral Reimagining

In the Chateau du Breuil 8 Year Sauternes Cask Calvados, one may find not just a drink, but a narrative steeped in history. Its maturation in Sauternes wine barrels infuses an element of the unexpected, a Bordeaux-infused reverie projected onto the Normandy landscape. As you sip, let the conversation wander to the tale of Chateau du Breuil’s past - from its noble history to its present rebirth as a beacon of fine Calvados production. Here in this glass is not merely Calvados—it is a confluence of history, terroir, and artisanship that resonates with each taste.

Storage Instructions

To maintain the Calvados at its peak, store the bottle upright in a cool, dark place, ideally with a stable temperature of 15°C-20°C (59°F-68°F), and away from any direct sunlight to preserve its aromatic nuance and rich flavor.