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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Compango Asturiano El Horreo


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This wonderful, ready-to-use kit is the perfect purchase for your Asturian bean stew. This vacuum sealed pack weighs in at 240g

El Horreo Compango Asturiano is the perfect product for those craving, and subsequently looking for Fabada Asturiana or Asturian bean stew. While many modern versions simply use ham hock or sausage for ease of cooking, thanks to El Horreo those craving Fabada Asturiana can create the traditional dish in the comfort of their own homes.

Each pack of El Horreo Compango Asturiano contains Asturian chorizo, which is quite red in color and heavily smoked (the paprika in the chorizo is what lends the red color to the stew); blood sausage (usually added in the last part of cooking the stew so that it doesn’t break apart), and pancetta, which is heavily salted and adds extra flavor to the stew.

Packed with high quality meats and sourced locally, when looking for the perfect combination for a traditional Fabada Asturiana, one need not look further than El Horreo Compango Asturiano.

Storage Instructions

Store in pantry.