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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Flor De Calasparras Bomba Rice Premium Quality D.O.
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Flor De Calasparras Bomba Rice Premium Quality D.O.

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Flor de Calasparra Bomba Rice is the first rice to be granted a Denomination of Origin. It is a pantry essential for Valencian cooking and a jewel of the Calasparra prized by Spanish chefs.

This Bomba Rice from Flor de Calasparra absorbs more broth (almost five times more than the average grain) and expands in length, as opposed to other variants that expand in width. For these reasons, Bomba rice has significantly more flavor and is more toothsome to the bite, with the grains remaining separate during the cooking process. Chefs throughout Spain prize this perfect paella rice.

Flor de Calasparras Bomba Rice is grown in a unique rice field in the mountains of Murcia’s northwest region. Due to its quality and the artisanal process done by the Calasparra’s farmers, it has achieved authorization for the Denomination of Origin, being the first rice in the world that enjoys this valued endorsement of quality and guarantee.

The lands watered by the rivers Segura and its tributary the Mundo, at their way along the municipalities of Calasparra and Moratalla in Murcia, and Hellín in Albacete, irrigate the areas for production, in which it is content the Rice Preserve of Calasparra, granted officially for Royal decree of in February 1, 1981

Its ecological environment is clearly different compared to other rice areas, as it is cultivated in a very mountainous and sunny area in the Northwest of the Region of Murcia and South of Albacete, with an altitude that ranges between 341 and 500 metres on the sea level.

Cook approximately for 18 minutes to attain a toothsome texture, Bomba Rice is already sumptuous prepared with standard Filipino fares.

However, Flor de Calasparra Bomba Rice is a perfect match made for the Spanish Paella. Prepare a traditional paella with chorizo and seafood, but make it more luxurious with our Maine Lobsters or if your family prefers it, a Valencian Arròs Negre (also called Paella Negra).

We recommend pairing your seafood paella with a dry rosè or our a blanc wine. The earthiness and subtle saffron note complements beautifully with this classic spanish dish.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place.