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Thumbnail 1 - Goikoa Chorizo Vela Spicy Sliced (Salamanca Shape)
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Goikoa Chorizo Vela Spicy Sliced (Salamanca Shape)

Flavorful Spanish Heritage

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Goikoa Chorizo Vela Spicy Sliced (Salamanca Shape) boasts the authenticity of age-old Spanish culinary heritage. This bold, spicy Spanish chorizo, crafted in the region of Sangüesa, Navarre, marries premium ingredients, traditional techniques, delivering a rich and intense flavor profile.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The flavor journey of Goikoa Chorizo Vela Spicy Sliced (Salamanca Shape) begins with its enticingly spiced aroma, evoking pimentón and earthy garlic. It unfurls a symphony of flavors, harmoniously blending the tangy freshness with the savory depths, punctuated by a pleasant spiciness from premium-grade pimentón. A touch of garlic subtly weaves through the flavor tapestry, adding a unique gastronomic signature. The texture, firm and slightly chewy, highlights the meticulous mincing and curing processes, manifesting in perfect bite satisfaction. The scrupulous balance between meat and fat endows it with the characteristics we associate with premium charcuterie - juiciness and succulence. Simply put, it’s a Spanish flavor fiesta meticulously shaped into a divine salami.

Pairings & Suggestions

For an exceptional culinary adventure, enjoy Goikoa Chorizo Vela Spicy Sliced as a centerpiece of a charcuterie platter, ideally paired with full-bodied cheeses like aged Manchego, and olives. Sleek slices add depth to sandwiches or pizza, while chopped cubes can be utilized to infuse paella, stews, or tapas with its explosive flavors. Elevate any breakfast dish with its inclusion for a smoky kick. A full-bodied Rioja or crisp craft beer makes excellent beverage companions.

A Culinary Journey to the Heart of Spain

Originating from the hallowed kitchens of Goikoa in Sangüesa, Navarre, Spain, this premium chorizo celebrates the rich culinary traditions of Spain. Goikoa, known for its unquestionable dedication to quality and authenticity, traces its roots back to 1929. The Goikoa Chorizo Vela Spicy Sliced is a testament to the century-old commitment, exuding the essence of the Basque country, inherent in their local cuisine. From the selection of premium ingredients to the tradition-steeped production techniques, each step encapsulates a part of Spain’s culinary heritage. The result is a chorizo that doesn’t merely gratify the palate but narrates a flavorful tale of Spanish culture and history.

Storage Instructions

To ensure the longevity and optimal preservation of flavor, store this chorizo in a cool, dry place between 4°C (39°F) and 10°C (50°F). Keep it in the original packaging until use and ensure proper refrigeration post-opening in a sealed container or tightly wrapped in plastic. Ideally consumed within a few days of opening.