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Chateâu du Breuil Pommeau of Normandie


Normandy's Liquid Gold

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Unveiling the Chateau du Breuil Pommeau de Normandie, a liquid tapestry of terroir and tradition, encapsulating the essence of Normandy in each nuanced sip. A harmonious blend of tradition and terroir, offering a taste of Normandy's finest. Made with 2/3 of apple juice and 1/3 of Calvados for a fresh and fruity aperitif but also an accomplice to desserts.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Embark upon a sensory exploration with the Chateau du Breuil Pommeau de Normandie, meticulously crafted from hand-picked cider apples unique to the Pays d’Auge region. The terroir asserts itself through a prismatic array of aromas, from ripe apples underlain with a whisper of floral notes to the sophisticated embrace of oak cask-aged vanilla and wood. The tertiary embrace of dried fruits is an evolution, signifying the maturity of a Pommeau distilled not just from quality ingredients, but aged nobility. The palate indulges in the generous sweetness of apple, achieving a harmonious balance with the underlying Calvados character—caramel, spice, and a comforting alcohol warmth. Hints of nuts intertwine with a gentle tannic structure, revealing layered complexity with each sip. The texture unfolds in a velvety smooth caress, medium in body to perfectly balance refreshment and richness; the finish is a resounding echo of taste and aroma, testament to the Pommeau’s storied craft. With every taste, it becomes clear; this Pommeau stands as a living testament to Normandy’s spirit-making tradition—a tradition where every drop tells the story of its land.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Savor Chateau du Breuil Pommeau de Normandie as a refined aperitif, complementing the velvety textures of foie gras and the rich complexities of artisanal cheeses.
  • Revel in its symphony of flavors by pairing with decadent desserts such as a classic tarte Tatin or a sumptuous chocolate fondant.
  • Enhance main courses, offering a delightful contrast to savory roasted meats, or as a marinade, infusing poultry or pork with its apple-infused grandeur.

    A Heritage in Every Glass

Wrapped in the legacy of Normandy, the Chateau du Breuil Pommeau de Normandie is not merely an aperitif but a narrative of Pays d’Auge’s bountiful orchards and benevolent climate. The beverage is more than a reflection of its geographic nobility; it is a continued homage to a rich agricultural tradition, with the apple at its core. It extols the historical context of a drink deeply embedded within the culinary artistry of a region renowned for its palate. This Pommeau, a witness to centuries of gastronomic excellence, invites conversation about the beauty of heritage and the art of apple spirits, setting an illustrious table story to enrich any dining experience.

Storage Instructions

For optimal preservation, store your Chateau du Breuil Pommeau de Normandie in a cool, dark environment, shielded from direct sunlight to deter any potential detriment to its quality.