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Bestheim Riesling Rayon de Lune


Elegant Alsatian Sophistication

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Bestheim Riesling Rayon de Lune encapsulates Alsatian mastery in a bottle, with its fresh aromas and vibrant flavors harmoniously woven into a balanced texture, a true terroir-driven triumph.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Riesling grape, a varietal that speaks in floral dialects and channels the mineral-rich tales of Alsace, finds in the Bestheim Riesling Rayon de Lune an emblematic canvas. A pronounced nose of zesty grapefruit leads a procession of aromas on a refreshing journey through the boroughs of flint and steel. Within its complex sensory citadel lies a heart of ripe stone fruits - peach and apricot dance among the shades of citrus. An intimacy of terroir unfolds as one savors this libation. Its vivacity is engineered by a meticulously crisp acidity, which, when coupled with a dry sensation inherent to its minerality, strides towards a symphony of balance within the palate. The wine’s harmonious mouthfeel sings of an equilibrium achieved by patient cellar craft and the inimitable whispers of its clay-limestone cradle. At once bright and serious, Rayon de Lune is a confluence of tradition and expressiveness.

Pairings & Suggestions

Enjoy chilled to elevate the indulgent grapefruit and peach nuances. An exemplary companion to seafood, especially oysters or grilled sea bass. Pair with Alsatian cuisine or a simple goat cheese salad for a delightful contrast. For cheese enthusiasts, a slice of Munster will resonate with the wine’s mineral notes.

Whispers of the Rhine

Embraced by the Vosges mountains and caressed by the Rhine’s whispers, the wine mirrors Alsace’s ancestral viticultural wisdom, emerging from calcareous soils that bestow the Riesling grape with its signature steely character. The village of Bennwihr, the birthplace of Bestheim’s Mona Kaneers, embodies resilience and persistence, qualities bottled in the Rayon de Lune.

Storage Instructions

Keep the wine in a cool area, away from light, preferably at temperatures between 10-13°C (50-55°F) with 60-70% humidity.