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Thumbnail 1 - Snowdonia Ruby Mist Cheddar Cheese with Port & Brandy
Thumbnail 2 - Snowdonia Ruby Mist Cheddar Cheese with Port & Brandy

Snowdonia Ruby Mist Cheddar Cheese with Port & Brandy

Luxurious Port-Infused Cheddar


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Experience the luxurious melding of flavors with Snowdonia Ruby Mist Cheddar - a Welsh wonder infused with the warmth of white port and brandy.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

In the scholarly realm of fine cheeses, the Snowdonia Ruby Mist Cheddar emerges as a prominent figure. This particular variety is celebrated for its fusion of quintessential Welsh cheddar, matured to achieve a rich, tangy sharpness, with the suave sophistication of port and the gentle heat of brandy. The infusion gives rise to a symbiotic balance of sweetness and spice, enveloping the palate with a velvety complexity that is unparalleled in its category. Each mouthful offers a textural paradox, with an undeniably creamy onset that crumbles decadently, a testament to its aging process. Ensconced in a striking burgundy wax, Ruby Mist not only tantalizes the taste buds but evokes a visual allure, speaking to the cheese’s high-end positioning. One could argue that the cheese encapsulates a narrative of regional pride via its flavor story—a true gourmet tapestry.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Serve alongside plump figs and caramelized pecans for a delightful contrast of flavors.
  • Complement the creamy cheddar with full-bodied Port wines or aged whiskies, coaxing out the nuanced brandy notes.
  • Incorporate into bold cheese boards, alongside charcuterie, for a sophisticated taste experience.

    Where the Mountains Meet the Cheese

Embedded in the lush, mountainous region of Wales, the Snowdonia Ruby Mist Cheddar boasts a geographical lineage that influences its dairy farming and cheese-making practices. Cows grazing on the pastures imbued with the mineral-rich soils of Snowdonia impart a supreme milk quality, lending this cheese its creamy foundation and distinctive regional character.

Storage Instructions

To maintain the highest quality, store this cheese in a cool, dry place, ideally in a cheese drawer or a similarly humid environment within your refrigerator. After opening, ensure it is wrapped in wax paper or cling film, preventing exposure to air which might spoil its rich taste.