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Polished Steel Paella Pan


Authentic Spanish Cooking Essential

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Embrace the artistry of Spanish cuisine with the Polished Steel Paella Pan, crafted for perfect paella and more.


Delve into the essence of Valencian tradition with this exquisite Polished Steel Paella Pan, envisioned for the creation of paella, Spain’s iconic rice dish. The craftsmanship design embodies age-old cooking practices, reflecting a deep heritage etched in culinary lore. Composed of radiant polished steel, the material is chosen for its excellent heat distribution and robust longevity, featuring a flat, wide surface that permits uniform cooking and the prized formation of socarrat - the heralded caramelized crust. The pan favors gas stoves and the raw flames of barbecues or outdoor cookery, yet disfavors electric stoves due to potential heat unevenness. Equipped with dual handles, the pan speaks to both tradition and convenience, allowing for seamless conveyance from kitchen to table. To inaugurate the cooking enigma, one embarks with the sautéing of meats, piquant vegetables, and aromatics; subsequently immersing the rice - preferably the revered Bomba or Calasparra varietals - and afusion of broth accentuated typically by saffron’s golden hues. Mastery over the pan’s heat is essential to cultivate the signature socarrat without descending into charring. Following the symphony of simmering, the process culminates with a period of resting, melding the transformative flavors. Beyond paella, the pan’s versatility extends to various Spanish and rice-centric dishes, allowing the cook’s imagination to flourish. Maintaining the pan is an integral part of this epicurean journey, as seasoning, cleaning, and proper storage ensure the pan’s enduring grandeur and performance.

How to use & Specialties

The Polished Steel Paella Pan, more than a mere cooking implement, is an invitation to partake in the storied rite of Spanish paella preparation. Designed to optimize even heat distribution and facilitate the formation of the cherished socarrat, each dish emerges as a canvas for the senses. For the classic Paella Valenciana, one draws inspiration from the rich Valencian agriculture, artfully combining ingredients such as succulent white rice, hearty green beans, gamey rabbit or tender chicken, the distinctive garrofó bean, fresh tomatoes, and aromatic saffron, with snails or artichokes gracing the ensemble as whimsical additions. Upon the Polished Steel Paella Pan’s surface, ingredients are introduced in a layered sequence, ensuring the rice’s sovereign role is introduced post the meat and vegetable concerto. Seafood paella, kissed by the coast’s breath, infuses the palate with ocean treasures - shrimp, prawns, clams, mussels, and squid, while the fish broth imbibes the rice with maritime essence. The more eclectic Paella Mixta marries land and sea in a harmonious balance, threading the needle of cooking times for each disparate element. In contrast, vegetarian paella centers around a pantheon of vegetables and legumes, each bringing forth its own voice within a chorus, all steeped in a luscious vegetable stock. Techniques pivot on multiple factors: the use of Bomba or Calasparra rice, celebrated for their absorptive prowess; the pacing of ingredient incorporation; attending to the liquid-to-rice ratio for divine texture; and maintaining a gentle simmer for uniform cooking. Sources for honing these paella crafts range from the manufacturer’s guidelines to online repositories of Spanish cuisine and animated discussions within culinary communities. Serving paella is an event - presented directly from its pan-high altar amidst diners, often complemented by a selection of Spanish wines such as whites or rosés, offering an experience that extends beyond taste to convivial delight.

Storage Instructions

Enshrined in ritual, the inaugural seasoning of the Polished Steel Paella Pan necessitates a ceremony to strip away its factory armor against oxidation. Boil water within its basin, lather in mild soap, wash, and immaculately dry to prevent the inception of rust. The pan then eagerly anticipates a gossamer coating of vegetable oil, a sheath to ward off the elements, applied lovingly with kitchen paper or a tender cloth. Summoned to heat, the pan is either enveloped in the oven’s embrace at 350°F for an hour’s time or bathed in flame atop the stove, with a cooling period to follow. The launch of each gastronomic odyssey commences with the pan’s surface once again anointed in a thin veil of oil before gently heating on the selected heat source. As the culinary tapestry is woven, ingredients are singers ascending the stage at calculated intervals. When the final chord fades, the pan must be guided from heat’s fury to a resting state, placing any residue under a gentle scrupulous scrutiny with hot water. Equipped with a soft sponge or brush, one must take care to trod lightly upon the cooked-on memories, eschewing harsh chemicals and abrasives. Thorough drying is imperative post-purification, with a final reapplication of oil sealing the pan’s defense from corrosion. Contemplating its respite, the pan should be nestled in a dry place, enveloped by a protective cloth or paper towel to forestall scratching and damage to its seasoned facade. Adherence to these sacraments fortifies not merely the pan’s tangible existence but its capacity to partake in the culinary and cultural authenticity that hallmarks paella and other rice dish preparations.