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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Happy Hampers - 1500


Global Gourmet Delights

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Happy Hampers-1500 is an exquisite collection of globally sourced, high-quality food items. This palate-pleasing assortment is perfect for food connoisseurs who enjoy life's finer culinary subtleties.

Tasting Notes

Our carefully curated Happy Hampers-1500 begins with a robust bottle of Otoñal Red G Olarra. The palate is greeted by its rich flavours of red and black fruits, balanced by subtle hints of oak and spice, it promises a memorable experience. Next is the Jean Brunet Duck Paté With Armagnac. Its rich, creamy texture combined with the slight sweetness of the Armagnac invites endless exploration of its complex flavour profiles. Thirdly, the 1880 Milk Chocolate Crunchy Turron is sweet and creamy, with a wonderful texture from puffed rice, a delicious treat that you’d want at your table no matter the occasion. Finally, the Serpis Pitted Green Olives 175 G serve as a fitting palate cleanser with their characteristic bright, briny flavour that cuts through, enriching your gastronomical journey.

  • Pair the rich fruity notes of Otoñal Red G Olarra with a selection of strong cheeses.
  • For a sumptuous treat, spread the Jean Brunet Duck Paté With Armagnac on freshly baked bread.
  • The 1880 Milk Chocolate Crunchy Turron is best enjoyed as a standalone confectionery treat, ideally with coffee.
  • The Serpis Pitted Green Olives 175 G provide a perfect tangy counterpoint to any meat dish or add a punch of flavour to salads.

A Journey through Taste Traditions

Each item in the Happy Hampers-1500 has been handpicked to complement each other. Notably, the Jean Brunet Duck Paté With Armagnac is a delicacy from southern France, made according to a recipe that dates back to 1895. Otoñal Red G Olarra is a famous Spanish wine, hailing from the renowned Rioja region - a perfect pairing with the strong and tasty duck Paté. In Spain, it is a tradition to follow savoury meals with sweet treats - the 1880 Milk Chocolate Crunchy Turron it’s great to pair with a good cup of strong coffee to balance out the sweetness. Lastly, the Serpis Pitted Green Olives add a tangy Mediterranean flair, balancing the rich flavours of the other items.

Storage Instructions

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