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Legumbres Raul Fabada Beans Large


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Large and broad, Legumbres Raul’s La Granja Fabada Beans are buttery and soft when cooked, perfect for stews


The La Granja Fabada Beans (also known as fabes) are kidney-shaped white beans with a hefty size. They have a short, broad look with a grain that is slightly flattened. They become exceptionally buttery and soft when cooked. The Legumbres Raul La Granja Fabada Beans are grown in the autonomous community of Asturias, and are large and filled with flavor, adding great dimension and texture to your dishes. It’s most famous for being a component of Fabada Asturiana.

Fabada Asturiana is a traditional bean stew from the Spanish Principality of Asturias. It’s a hearty bean stew cooked with soaked fabada beans, blood sausage, chorizo, pork belly, and pork shoulder.

Legumbres Raul was formed in the Cuenca town of Pozorrubio de Santiago in the end of 1990. It is distinguished by its status as a family business dedicated to the traditional products of the region since its inception.

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