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Queso Majorero

Canary Islands' Tasteful Treasures

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Queso Majorero is a sumptuous cheese hailing from Spain's Canary Islands. This acclaimed cheese, drenched in rich tradition and cultural heritage, captures the palates of connoisseurs with its invigorating flavors and refined texture. Made exclusively with milk from Majorera goats, this cheese is a true embodiment of Fuerteventura's Gastronomic excellence.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Queso Majorero strikes a remarkable sensory balance. On the first encounter, the nose is greeted with a delicate blend of milky and nutty aromas reminiscent of fresh goat’s milk and a hint of nuttiness adding a subtle complexity. The initial taste reveals a rich and creamy texture layered with a unique and slightly acidic flavor. Quartered in the palate, the buttery nature of this cheese unfolds, adding to the symphony of flavors. Despite a hint of saltiness, the natural goat milk flavor remains prominent and is wonderfully complemented by the soft acidic notes. Its texture, smooth yet appealingly gummy, adds to the overall replaying sensory pleasure.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Mead and Majorero: The sweet, honeyed notes of mead create a thrilling contrast with the creamy, slightly salty flavor of Queso Majorero. \n- Majorero Cheese Board: Complement the cheese with fresh fruits like figs and grapes, or pair it with some dry roasted nuts for an easy yet delightful appetizer.\n- Majorero in Mains: For a main course, try incorporating Queso Majorero into pasta or risotto. The cheese’s creamy texture adds a rich depth to these dishes.\n- Sweet Endings: Drizzle a little honey on a slice of Majorero and pair with a sweet wine for a fitting end to any meal.

    Echoes from the Past: The Majorero Connection

Historically, Majorero goats played a significant role in the economy of the Canary Islands by providing its inhabitants with milk, meat and skins. The indigenous people of the region, the Guanches, were believed to be the first to practice cheesemaking with goat’s milk. Today, the descendants of these resilient goats offer their rich milk to create Queso Majorero. This contribution of Majorero goats to the economic and cultural heritage of the islands is laudable. No wonder the cheese bears the name ‘Majorero’ as a tribute to these goats. Such delightful historical linkages make Queso Majorero a captivating topic over a shared cheeseboard!

Storage Instructions

For the longevity and flavor preservation of Queso Majorero, cool, dry conditions are optimal. Refrigerate within temperatures of 4 to 8°C (39 to 46°F) and moderate humidity. Keep the cheese wrapped in wax or greaseproof paper, and avoid using cling film or foil as this may affect the respiring and maturing of the cheese.