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Thumbnail 1 - Marques del Mérito Oloroso Victoria Regina V.O.R.S. 30 Years

Marques del Mérito Oloroso Victoria Regina V.O.R.S. 30 Years


Essence of Historical Jerez

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The Marques del M\u00e9rito Oloroso Victoria Regina V.O.R.S. 30 Years is a testament to the rich viticultural legacy and artisanship of Jerez, offering a sensorial tribute to the historical traditions of sherry making.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Diving into the essence of the Marques del M\u00e9rito Oloroso Victoria Regina V.O.R.S. 30 Years, one uncovers layers that speak to a tapestry of sensory depth. Nutty tones, reminiscent of toasted almonds and hazelnuts, mingle with the opulence of raisins and figs. Woody whispers of American oak casks blend seamlessly with the ethereal notes of cedar and antique furniture, crafting an environment that is both noble and intimately ancient. Luxuriate in the understated heat of cinnamon and clove, while the labyrinth of its fortitude reveals a sweet and creamy vanilla grounding - a balance that articulates the sherry’s aged distinction. In the alchemy of flavors, the savory counterpoint to sweetness plays out with dried fruit complexity, bringing forth a texture that is reminiscent of leather and tobacco from its oxidative journey. Anchored by an alcohol content that envelopes with warmth, the full-bodied nature is undeniably prevailing. Layers unfold to a silky smoothness, a concentrated tapestry weaved by time with a suspense that borders on the spiritual. A sherry not just crafted but curated, spanning the essence of three decades, it is an ode to the mastery of sherry artisanship.

Pairings & Suggestions

To fully honor the complexity of this aged sherry:\n- Cheese Platters: Serve with an array of robust cheeses like Manchego, Stilton, or aged Cheddar, complemented by walnuts and figs.\n- Rich Meats: Perfect alongside game meats, from duck p\u00e2t\u00e9 to a hearty venison stew, elevating the dish with its robust character.\n- Dessert Combinations: Pair with desserts like dark chocolate fondant, or an almond tart that mirrors its nutty undertones.

A Sip Through Time

This sherry reflects the cultural tapestry of Jerez, connecting one to a rich history rooted in viticulture since Phoenician times. The dedication to the Solera System over multiple generations culminates in each sip.

Storage Instructions

Store upright in a cool, dry place, shielded from sunlight. After opening, reseal tightly and keep refrigerated to maintain its distinct characteristics.