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Thumbnail 1 - Blanxart Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Peru 77%

Blanxart Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Peru 77%


Peruvian Cocoa Symphony


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Savor the exceptional Blanxart Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Peru 77%, a harmonious blend of fine Criollo cocoa beans crafted into a velvety dark chocolate indulgence.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Embark on a sensory voyage to the lush valleys of Alto Piura, Peru, with Blanxart’s meticulously crafted Organic Dark Chocolate Bar, encapsulating 77% of cocoa profundity. Its origin speaks through its bright citrusy aroma, a prelude to the intricate symphony of tastes that awaits. The first note to embrace the palate is a distinct citrus zest countered by the subtle undertones of aromatic wood and a nuanced leathery depth, reminiscent of the cocoa’s fermentation and aging processes. Moving through the flavor profile, one encounters the natural sweetness and gentle acidity of red fruits, offering a counterbalance to the inherent bitterness of dark chocolate. An undercurrent of earthy Brazil nuts provides a creamy base upon which the complexities of a coffee-like bitterness sprinkle their rich, roasted tones, culminating in a multifaceted aftertaste that lingers with intention and integrity. This exceptional chocolate celebrates the culmination of environmental influence and generational craftsmanship, rendering a texture that sets it apart: profoundly velvety, marked by a melting smoothness that only the most devoted conching could achieve, a testament to the artisanal dedication of the Blanxart makers. Its consistency is uniform and free from any grainy interruption, ensuring that each bite discloses the pure essence of high-quality Criollo beans without compromise.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Confection Perfection: Create memorable homemade truffles infused with a hint of orange or espresso, coated in an extra layer of this fine Peruvian chocolate dust.
  • Baking Brilliance: Transform traditional brownie and cake recipes into decadent masterpieces by incorporating melting beads of Blanxart’s dark chocolate.
  • Savory Sophistication: Introduce a velvety twist to chili or beef stew by allowing pieces of the chocolate bar to surrender to the warmth of the spices.
  • Cheeseboard Champs: Elevate your cheese pairings with shards of this chocolate alongside aged Gouda or sharp Cheddar.
  • Hot Chocolate Havens: Craft a velvety, sophisticated hot chocolate by melting this heirloom chocolate into a choice of milk or alternative.

    Barcelona’s Chocolate Alchemy

Barcelona’s revered chocolate-making tradition finds its contemporary champion in the Blanxart Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Peru 77%. With origins deeply nestled within the historic city, known for being an early European gateway to chocolate from the Americas, Blanxart continues the legacy through their steadfast commitment to artisanal methods. This dedication to tradition is represented in each elegantly crafted bar. The narrative that unfolds with every bite is one of a journey from bean to exquisite bar, revealing an understated elegance sourced directly from the revered Alto Piura region. A striking anecdote flows from the rarity of the Criollo beans; considered the aristocrats of cacao for their complexity and depth, these beans underscore Blanxart’s choice ingredients, not merely for their rarity but for the narrative they carry of quality and singularity. This narrative contributes to table conversations that are as rich in history and culture as the chocolate is in flavor.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the integrity and sophisticated flavor profile of Blanxart Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Peru 77%, store it in a cool, dark and odor-free environment, ideally at a temperature between 15-18°C (59-64°F), away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent sugar bloom. If refrigeration is necessary, place the chocolate within an airtight container to avoid condensation, and allow it to reach room temperature before indulging.