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Montaraz Shoulder Butt Cebo Campo

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Wonderfully delicious pork butt taken from the very best Iberico pigs and expertly prepared by world-famous Montaraz.

Montaraz meats are procured from the finest Iberican pigs. These delicious cuts are classified as cebo de campo. When it comes to cebo or cebo de campo, there is a major difference in flavor and quality. Meats classified as cebo refer to how the pig was fed and raised. Cebo means the pig was fed entirely on legumes and cereals and was raised in a controlled farm setting. Cebo de campo on the other hand means the pig was entirely free range and was allowed to eat whatever was available in the area it would forage. This usually consisted of grasses, herbs, and at times, acorns, but not entirely so.

Shoulder butt, simply known as pork butt, actually has nothing to do with the actual ‘butt’ of the pig. Rather, it comes from the shoulder area and takes part of the neck, shoulder blade, and upper arm of the pig. The reason for its name is due to the shape of the cutt resembling its namesake. This cut of pork is most often used in pulled-pork sandwiches, or any recipe utilizing this famous cooked pork. Due to the high amount of connective tissue, it is quite tough if handled improperly. But when slow cooked, braised, and/or stewed, it is the most flavorful, delicious meat. Consider switching out tenderloin for this delicious cut of pork in your next slow cooked pork dish.

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend the ham shelf life, store in a cool, dry place, with the ideal serving temperature between 17-22º C.