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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Luxury Spanish Food Odyssey

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Dive into this eclectic collection of gourmet Spanish treats sourced from various regions. Experience the flavors of titillating red wine, armagnac chicken liver confit, artisan sardines, pure raspberry jam, traditional turron, and pickled olives and cocktail.

Tasting Notes

Indulge in the ‘Acantus Sauvignon Blanc‘, a white wine captivating the palate. Relish the savory Jean Brunet Duck Paté with Armagnac is a delicacy that originates from the High Pyrenees and is suitable for consumption at any point in the day. The ‘Bogar Baby Sardines In Sunflower Oil‘, wild-caught, minimally processed and offer a briny adventure. ‘El Almendro Chocolate & Almond Turron‘, crunchy and sweet, is made with African cocoa and quality almonds. The ‘Nakoa Milk Chocolate‘, a chocolate product for all those with sweet-teeth and chocolate lovers combined. Last but not least, the La Tapia Regañas Sesame & Salt Crackers a perfect bite-size snack made with quality olive oil and are a great partner to many dishes.

  • Enjoy Acantus Sauvignon Blanc with light cheeses and fishes,
  • The Duck Paté with Figs pairs well with rustic bread and salad.
  • Savor sardines straight from the can or on top of crusty bread.
  • Spread the peach jam on toast, croissants or use it in desserts.
  • The milk chocolate is best enjoyed as a standalone confectionery treat, ideally with coffee.
  • The green olives is perfect in salads or as tapas.

The Art of Spanish Indulgence

Each product in this hamper is a manifestation of the rich Spanish culinary culture. From the age-old cellars producing fine wines like the ‘Acantus Sauvignon Blanc‘ to the family-run kitchens preserving traditional confectionery like ‘Nakoa Milk Chocolate‘, these are carefully selected expressions of culinary craftsmanship. The flavors packed in this hamper each carry a unique tale of their origin, rooted in the passionate pursuit of food artisans who are keepers of Spain’s gastronomic heritage.

Storage Instructions

We also accept customized baskets. Kindly email us at [email protected] or send us a message at +639178941234 for assistance.