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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Rolly Gassmann Oberer Weingarten de Rorschwihr Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles

Rolly Gassmann Oberer Weingarten de Rorschwihr Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles

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An exceptional Gewurztraminer, expertly created and cared for by world-renowned wine maker Rolly Gassmann.

Gewurztraminer is simply an exceptional grape. It produces fantastically complex, and sweet wines that are refreshing and re-balancing for the palate. Commonly associated with sweet fruits and vanilla, wines produced with this delicious grape are sought after by many wine aficionados around the world.

The Rolly Gassmann Oberer Weingarten de Rorschwihr Gewurztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles is no exception. In fact, thanks to the use of grapes harboring the selection de grains nobles (noble rot), this delicious wine delivers not only a pungent palate and bouquet, but it brings a level of sweetness and maturity far higher than its vendanges tardives counterpart. This particular wine is sweet, bold, and complex. To the eye: a beautiful bright yellow is noticed, akin to a bright sun on a mild spring day. On the nose: a delicious bouquet of lychee, honey, and spices is observed. Sweetness is perceptible and palpable. On the palate: delicious spicy notes of lychee and honey as well as subtle notes of marmalade. The wine is creamy and oily, coating the mouth and delivering a long, lingering finish.

This impressive wine is best consumed on its own, but works fantastically as a dessert wine. It is satisfying and the perfect way to end a meal.

Storage Instructions

Store your unopened bottle in a cool, dry, and dark place safe from constant vibration. Keep your bottle horizontal in a wine rack or cellar to retain the moistness of the cork. The ideal temperature for storage is between 7 to 15°C. Once opened, a bottle will be good for 3 to 5 days standing upright in the refrigerator.