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Copa Ideal


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A wonderful wine glass, expertly made for your drinking pleasure.

The Copa Ideal is a wonderful wine glass. It promotes beautiful curves and lines and is very appealing to not only view, but also to hold. The stem is dainty, but sturdy. The base is large and rounded, creating a sense of stability, not only for the glass, but for the person drinking from it. The body walls are thin, but not so thin as to promote fragility. Rather, the glass used removes any and all distractions from the glass as to give the viewer an unimpeded, unfettered view of the beautiful liquid which it will hold.

These glasses are wonderful sherry glasses. The thinness of the glass walls offers an unfettered view of the beautiful amber liquid. It allows the sherry to breathe well and offers a lip wide enough for you to fully enjoy the aromas and bouquet the sherry has to offer. Of course, they also work well for white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

The aesthetic of the glasses is classic with focus on appreciation for the architecture of the glass. They offer class, and distinction. They are perfectly used for similar formal table settings. They also work very well in informal settings, as well.

Storage Instructions

Store safely in kitchen or pantry area