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Urbani Tartufi White Truffle Oil

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Urbani Tartufi takes great pleasure in the quality of its truffles. Because the white truffle shavings are infused into the oil prior to packaging, the delicate tastes and fragrances are preserved.

White truffles, which are one of Italy’s most cherished culinary delicacies, are distinct from their black counterparts in that they have more of a musky flavor. In Piedmont, Tuscany, and Umbria, they may be found on oak, hazel, linden, and willow trees, all of which emit a delightful woodsy scent that Urbani’s innovative infusion technology transfers to the olive oil.

It’s a simple way to give an earthy flavor to everything from creamy pastas and risottos to gently cooked white meats and fish. Adding a few drops to egg dishes will also help. The milder the dish, the better it pairs with this sort of truffle oil. Your truffle-coated supper can be paired with a fruity Arneis, light Chardonnay, and/or Verdelho of white wine. Our recommendation for a red wine is a Barolo, Barbaresco, or a Nebbiolo from Piedmont. You can’t go wrong with an Asti or a Champagne like our Duval-Leroy Fleur de Champagne Brut Premier Cru if you’re feeling jubilant.

Because of their rarity and difficulty in obtaining, truffles have acquired a coveted spot in high-end cuisine. If truffle spores develop at all, it might take decades for them to grow. Few of these uncommon fungi can be found without the help of carefully trained dogs and pigs, which foragers employ to their advantage. As bait, truffle oil is used in their training. This valuable oil has been utilized in Italy since 1756 in the form of the strufion (a scented cloth).

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dark place.