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Licor Café + Gomariz


Aromatic Coffee Liqueur from Spain

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Beautifully brewed in the countryside of Ourense, Spain, Licor Café + Gomariz is a tantalizing coffee liqueur. Known for its dark mahogany colour and smoky aroma of coffee, this liqueur offers a delightful blend of spirituous sweetness and a lingering, roasted coffee aftertaste.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Licor Café + Gomariz offers an exhilarating journey through the world of coffee liqueur. The fragrance unfolds a robust aroma of aromatic coffee, accentuated with toasty notes that tickle your olfactory sense. Your first sip will take you through a spirituous and sweet flavor, a gentle balance impeccably carrying the charm of coffees like Pico de San Cristóbal and Volcán de Oro. The liqueur cozily embodies warm, roasted coffee notes leading into an unctuous undertone of slight bitterness, an intriguing touch to its otherwise sweet and smoky profile. The liqueur concludes with a well-rounded roasted coffee aftertaste, a gratifying finish that lingers on your taste buds. Every sip you take unravels the meticulous blend of premium coffees, brewed into a luxurious liqueur, adding a novel dimension to its category.

Pairings & Suggestions

Licor Café + Gomariz provides a versatile knapsack of flavor, proving itself a delicious companion to a range of foods. Whether you serve it neat as an end to a meal or use it to create tempting cocktails, it utilises its sweet, smoky notes aptly…

  • Pour yourself a shot and pair it with high-quality dark chocolate, creating a decadent symphony of tastes.
  • Try it with a cheese platter, perhaps with sharp cheddar or creamy blue cheese. The coffee notes highlighting the charm of each cheese.
  • Bold enough to be used in desserts, it seamlessly integrates into a tiramisu or a coffee-flavored cake, enhancing the overall coffee characteristics on the palate.
  • If you’re the adventurer, add it to a coffee-rubbed steak or a slow-cooked pork dish for a feast of rich, complex flavors.
  • Or you could sip it in silence, taking in each note, each flavor, unraveling in this captivating coffee liqueur.

    Brewed in Tradition: The Making of Licor Café + Gomariz

Gomariz, in the heart of Ourense, Spain is home to the remarkable Licor Café + Gomariz, a coffee liqueur steeped in tradition and passion. Only one of three authorized distilleries in the area, it holds a cherished recipe that has been passed down through the generations and honed with modern-day expertise. A blend of carefully selected gourmet coffees Pico de San Cristóbal and Volcán de Oro forms the base for this liqueur. The distillery further allows an aging process spanning years, masterfully bringing to life flavors and aromas that are complex yet refined. This attention to detail and commitment to preserving tradition makes each sip an homage to the history and beauty of Gomariz.

Storage Instructions

To protect its quality and enhance its shelf life, store Licor Café + Gomariz in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use to prevent air from oxidizing this fine liqueur. A well-preserved bottle can offer optimal quality and taste for a period of 1 to 2 years.