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Levoni Roasted Turkey


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Juicy, delicately cooked turkey that is ready to eat from the package. Slice thinly for delicate pieces, or slice thicker as a great addition to different dishes.

Roast turkey has been given a bad rap. It is an incredibly lean meat that is extremely easy to overcook and has been known to be very dry due to being overcooked. This is not the case with Levoni Roasted Turkey. Steamed to begin with then lightly brown in the oven, the juices are locked into the meat, preserving not only the moistness of the meat, but locking in the flavor that expertly cooked turkey is known for.

Hailing from Italy and prepared using traditional Italian methods, Levoni Roasted Turkey is ready for consumption from the packet. Whether purveyors are looking for a nice turkey sandwich, or perhaps use the meat as a finishing element in a beautiful stew, Levoni Roasted Turkey is sure to bring the flavor that many of us crave for from a good roast turkey.

This meat pairs perfectly with a well-balanced white that isn’t too bold. A Garnacha Blanca would be a great wine to pair with this meat. Of course, it all depends on how one uses the meat as turkey meat is so versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend the ham shelf life, store in a cool, dry place, with the ideal serving temperature between 17-22º C.