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A beautiful meat that is traditionally, and in modern times, used in sandwiches and burgers. This wonderful meat comes chilled and is read to eat. Simply grab your favorite bread, relish, and mustard and you’re good to go!

Originating from Romania, beef pastrami (traditionally, it was made from duck breast, but immigrants from Romania to the US found beef to be far cheaper) was first introduced in the United States around the mid-nineteenth century. It has since become a staple of American-Jewish delicatessens in this fabulous city and sought after around the world. Known for its intense saltiness and flavors, beef pastrami is usually made with beef plate, but also sees brisket and round being used, as well. The meat is brined and coated with a variety of seasonings such as coriander, garlic, paprika, black pepper, cloves, all-spice, and mustard seed, to name a few. It is then smoked and then steamed. It is through the steaming process that the connective tissues break down into gelatin and leave the meat tender and succulent.

What are some ways to eat pastrami? Well, the world-famous Reuben comes to mind. Thick slices of rye bread, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand-island (or Russian) dressing, and of course, thick slices of pastrami.

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend pastrami life, store in fridge.