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Huertas Callos


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Delicious, rich, hearty callos prepared and packaged for your convenience by Huertas.


Callos is a delicious, hearty stew that has been gracing Spanish dining tables around the world for centuries. It is made using beef tripe, which is the stomach lining of the cow. Variations have seen ox tripe used, but not as commonly. It is made with other hearty ingredients, such as beans, to create a hearty dish and is usually served with hot crusty bread to mop up all the delicious juices. This dish is warming and is the perfect winter dish.

Making callos can consume a lot of time. It takes quite a few hours to achieve the perfect flavors. Luckily, Huertas has prepared and packaged callos for your own dining experience. SImply remove the contents from the can and heat it either on the stove or the microwave and slice some crusty bread.

Storage Instructions

Store in pantry. Refrigerate once opened.