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Straight from Jabugo in Sierra de Huelva, Spain, this sliced black-label jamón ibérico will be the talk of your dinner parties. It is the pleasure of the dehesas brought straight to your table.

The King of Jamon

Cinco Jotas has made their ham for 150 years from pure-bred Iberian black pigs that they raise free-range on the dehesas of Jabugo in Sierra de Huelva. This is one of only four regions in Spain where jamón ibérico can be made. The hams from 2-year-old pigs are naturally cured for 3 years in the cellars of Cinco Jotas in Jabugo. The meat carries wafting hints of the dehesas and tastes boldly of toasted hazelnut, wet wood, wild-flowers and acorns—an umami experience like nothing else.

You can have the ham on its own or with slices of toasted bread and tomato slices. We recommend having it with its cheesy match, Dehesa de Los Llanos Artisanal Gran Reserva Manchego DO. And of course, savor your repast with a glass of Manzanilla fine sherry, Cava, or other sparkling wines.

More than a century of tradition

The Cinco Jotas company has been producing jamón ibérico in Jabugo since 1879. The dehesas there have been home to the famed pata negra for hundreds of years, an unparalleled setting that has provided the animals with their favorite food—and the central key to their unique flavor: the acorn.

Because of their exquisite location, Cinco Jotas’s cellars are able to maintain the perfect balance of humidity and temperature to bring their hams and other products to full potential. Each and every single product ships out from there with a stamp of superlative quality.

Storage Instructions

To properly conserve and extend the ham shelf life, store in a cool, dry place, with the ideal serving temperature between 17-22º C.