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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Huertas Lentils Stew With Chorizo


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This traditional stew is loved by many people in Spain. It is hearty, filling, and warming - perfect for those cold winter nights.


Lentil stew with chorizo is perhaps one of the most iconic dishes from Spain. Do not let the lentil aspect fool you in a sense of simplicity, though. This flavorful dish is well-loved across Spain and is the perfect winter dish. It is warming and hearty, and it is very easy to make, albeit a little time consuming.

Huertas have solved the time problem, however. Not only have they made it so this wonderful stew can be consumed near-instantaneously, it is also prepared using the best ingredients and most hygienic packing methods. Simply open the can and heat the contents, whether that be in a microwave or on the stovetop. This wonderful meal is best served with fresh bread - a good rye or wholewheat bread.

For wine pairing, a refreshing Rioja Crianza will pair excellently with this dish. If one is looking for a white, a beautiful Garnacha Blanca would be perfect.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.