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El Almendro Chocolate & Almond Turron


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Crunchy and sweet, the El Almendro Chocolate and Almond Turron is made with African cocoa and quality almonds

Spanish Turrónes, not to be confused with the Philippine Turon, is a sweet nougat delicacy popular throughout Southern Europe. This traditional sweet delicacy of Moorish heritage can be found piled high on bakery counters, given out as gifts, and served during festivities in the streets of Southern Europe during the holiday season. El Almendro, a Spanish turrónes company that has been around since 1883, has become associated with the Christmas tradition.

The El Almendro Chocolate and Almond Turron is a mouthwatering treat that is made with cocoa and almonds, and is completely delicious. It’s made with high-quality African cocoa and carefully selected almonds. It’s a tasty gluten-free snack or dessert that contains no palm oil. It has a creamy quality, sweet but not overwhelming. The almonds add a pleasant crunch to the treat.

The Chocolate and Almond Turron by El Almendro is delicious on its own, but it’s also great with a cup of good coffee. This delicious almond nougat goes well with a Tawny Port Wine, which is available in both dry and semi-dry versions. It’s a dessert wine, and it’d be a fantastic match for this decadently sweet turrón.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.