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Goikoa Smoked Bacon

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This smoked bacon from the Spanish business Goikoa is salty, and it has a wonderful flavor that is both nutty and smokey. Its flavor is wonderful. It is wonderful for a wide variety of recipes, and it is crafted using high-quality pig.

The Goikoa Smoked Bacon is created using premium Spanish pork in its production. First the bacon is cured, then, using smoke, it is browned, partially cooked, flavored, and preserved. Finally, it is referred to as smoked bacon. This results in bacon that has a taste all its own thanks to the process. It has a characteristic smoky flavor and a salty flavor, but it also has a beautiful nutty and sweet flavor.

Have some of your Goikoa Smoked Bacon cooked, and then put some bits of it on top of a salad or some spaghetti. You may use it to make sandwiches, or you can offer it for breakfast alongside eggs and potatoes. Wrap it around chicken pieces or asparagus and then grill them for an intriguing appetizer or snack. You can also do the opposite.

Eugenio Jimenez opened the first Goikoa location in 1929 in Sangüesa, which is located in the autonomous community of Navarre in Spain. In this location, he was responsible for the production of his own cold cuts and cured meats, which he sold around the community, where they developed a positive reputation. Javier Jimenez Goikoa, his son, took over the family business in 1970. It was Javier who envisioned expanding his business beyond the confines of the modest butcher shop and eventually became an entrepreneur in the meat industry. He was successful in providing considerable development to Goikoa, resulting in the establishment of stable roots and progress.

The year 1981 marked the beginning of the company’s transition into its current form, Embutidos Goikoa S.A., as well as the introduction of a retail brand that has enjoyed consistent expansion ever since its inception. In 2005, they started exporting Goikoa to other countries and expanding their business internationally, which brought the fruit to consumers all over the world. Today, Eugenio’s descendants carry on his legacy by continuing to share his passion and goal with the rest of the globe.

Storage Instructions

Store in the refrigerator.