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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Jumbo Lump Pasteurized Canned Crab Meat
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Jumbo Lump Pasteurized Canned Crab Meat


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Beautiful, thick, sweet, and unbroken pasteurized jumbo lump crab meat, ready for your enjoyment.

Jumbo lump crab meat refers to the thick, unbroken muscles that are connected to the swimming legs of the crab. This delicious meat is most often used in upscale dishes, such as crab imperial and crab cocktails, where the crab meat in its entirety is really allowed to shine.

Pasteurized crab meat refers to crab meat that has been steamed or heat treated prior to packaging to kill any and all lingering bacteria on the meat of the crab. Due to this, pasteurized crab meat is safe to consume straight out of the can.

This delicious, sweet, tender, and juicy crab meat can be used for a variety of dishes, but it really shines when it’s allowed to shine on its own, such as a crab cocktail. This delicious meat would go well with two tablespoons of ketchup, a tablespoon of japanese mayonnaise, half a teaspoon of wasabi, and a large pickle, diced. Mix all together and dress the crab meat.

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