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Thumbnail 1 - Soignon Soft Goat Cheese - Brie Style

Soignon Soft Goat Cheese - Brie Style

Creamy Decadence from French Pastures


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Brought to you from the verdant pastures of Poitou-Charentes, Soignon Soft Goat Cheese redefines indulgence. Exhibiting an alluring complexity that combines the tanginess of goat cheese and creamy Brie consistency, this marvel elevates any gastronomic repertoire.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Soignon Soft Goat Cheese - Brie style, is an opus of nuanced culinary art, crafted impeccably from pasteurized goat milk and cream. As you let its velvety texture melt in your mouth, the cheese unfolds subtly tangy notes, soon melding into a hint of fresh pastures, a salute to its origins. This harmonious amalgamation of creaminess and slight acidic undertone makes it a standout in its category. Its delicate yet distinct aroma almost reminiscent of the lush green pastures of Poitou-Charentes further sets this cheese apart in the realm of high-end food indulgence.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Bulbous figs or tart, crunchy apples provide a delightful contrast to the creamy, decadent Soignon.
  • Its complex flavor mouse plays well with crispy, plain crackers or artisanal bread.
  • For a sublime gastronomic adventure, drizzle a bit of sweet, sticky honey on the cheese and let these contrasting flavors awaken your palette.
  • Incorporate this creamy indulgence into a bechamel sauce for an amplified flavor dimension or melt it as a bold pizza topping.

    Soignon: A Legacy Encased in Cheese

Soignon - a name synonymous with quality in the dairy world, crafting their artisanal goat cheese since the 19th century. Deep-rooted in the traditions of the Poitou-Charentes region of France, famous for its goat cheese, Soignon is a tangible legacy of France’s rich cheese-making heritage. Upholding their traditional practices, the essence of this region firmly encased within each cheese they produce, Soignon continues to create their beloved Goat Cheese - Brie style in this modern day and age. Their unwavering commitment to uphold traditional methods is the cornerstone of their goat cheese, crafting a marvel that truly carries a piece of French history in every bite.

Storage Instructions

For optimal taste and flavor, maintain cold storage for this cheese, preferably at 4-8°C. Consume within a couple of days of opening for fresh taste. Avoid placing it close to highly aromatic food to prevent flavor absorption.