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Bodegas Álvaro Palacios Quiñon de Valmira

Elegance of Rioja in a bottle

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Embark on an sensorial journey with the Bodegas Álvaro Palacios Quiñon de Valmira, a symphony of wine mastery hailing from the lush terroirs of Rioja.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Crafted by the esteemed Bodegas Álvaro Palacios Quiñon de Valmira stands as a testament to the winery’s indomitable spirit in capturing the quintessence of Rioja Baja. With each vintage unfurling a narrative of the land, the 2018 vintage presents delicate whispers of orange peel and the tender blossoms of spring, while the 2019 resonates deeper with the sun-drenched allure of strawberries and raspberries, underscored by the wild elegance of thyme and rosemary, and the profundity of moss and graphite, evocative of a walk through Burgundian glades. On the palate, one encounters an aerial dance between fruit and mineral, culminating in a fine, robust expression that maintains an aerial grace, grounded with a flourish of a saline caress born of limestone’s embrace.

Pairings & Suggestions

Pair this wine for an exquisite dining experience- Delicate Cheeses: Complement the wine’s ethereal notes with fine cheeses such as Brie or Camembert.- Savory Mains: Accompany with herb-crusted lamb or duck confit to accentuate the wine’s deep, intricate flavors.- Decadent Desserts: Serve alongside a tart berry compote or dark chocolate ganache to highlight the wine’s luxurious profile.

Winemaker’s Heritage, Terroir’s Essence

The Quiñon de Valmira, a masterwork from Bodegas Álvaro Palacios, personifies a relentless pursuit of winemaking perfection, drawing from the winemaker’s rich familial legacy and profound connection to the terroir.

Storage Instructions

To ensure Quiñon de Valmira’s longevity and quality, store the bottles horizontally in a cool, dark place, away from fluctuations in temperature and light.