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Delivery to: Metro Manila
Thumbnail 1 - Volcano Wine Glass (BOX OF 2)
Thumbnail 2 - Volcano Wine Glass (BOX OF 2)
Thumbnail 3 - Volcano Wine Glass (BOX OF 2)
Thumbnail 4 - Volcano Wine Glass (BOX OF 2)

Volcano Wine Glass (BOX OF 2)


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A beautiful wine glass perfect for white wines. Beautiful lines and a beautiful body.

A fresh, modern take on the wine glass. This glass boasts the same wide base as other glasses, but tapers off towards the top giving credence to its name. This wine glass is crafted with exquisite craftsmanship and is made with thinner glass to aid the drinker in observing the wine they are drinking. Thinner glass means clearer observation. Having said that, the wine glass is durable and is sure to not shatter in your hands when cleaning it, though do still handle with care. It is not indestructible.

This particular glass is perfect for whites. It has a much smaller bowl compared to its red counterpart, but the sides of the body are far more pronounced. This is to assist the drinker in receiving far more bouquet than would be possible with a wide-mouthed glass, like the red wine glass, where the bouquet would dissipate before the drinker is able to fully experience it.

Storage Instructions

Wine glasses should be stored upside down. This will help keep dust and debris from collecting in the bowl of the wine glass. It will also help provide stability when they are stored on a flat surface, like a cupboard or shelf