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El Hórreo Chorizo Asturiano Ahumado


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El Hórreo Chorizo Asturiano Ahumado is considered as a healthier sausage because of its patented smoking-by-friction technique that reduces the amount of benzopyrenes in the curing and smoking process. It is smoky, salty and aromatic.

Established in 1908, El Hórreo prides itself in maintaining the quality of its products, so much so that their very first slogan over a hundred years ago was “Meats recognized under the microscope.” They have kept this commitment to quality products, keeping traditions alive while adapting to current trends.

Originating from an heirloom recipe from Asturias, The El Hórreo Chorizo Asturiano Ahumado is smoked by friction, which is a system and technique that guarantees healthier sausages with decreased risk to the body and does not sacrifice flavor and taste. Using this innovative and exclusive smoking technique, El Hórreo’s claim to fame is the ability to reduce the amount of benzopyrenes generated during the process, resulting in healthier meat products with less saturated fat, without additives or with functional ingredients.

The El Hórreo Chorizo Asturiano Ahumado is perfect for enhancing the flavor of stews and soups, grilling on a barbecue, a charcuterie board and even for a simple sandwich. This savory and smoky sausage has notes of mild Spanish paprika and is truly a fundamental part of traditional Spanish and Asturian cuisine.

Storage Instructions

Store in the refrigerator.