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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Polished Steel Paella Pan 25 Portions

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A large, beautifully crafted paella pan designed for large gatherings and parties.

Polished steel is a versatile material. It is sturdy, easy to maintain, and has a long life span, if looked after properly. This is the same for a paella pan made out of polished steel. It can take a beating, and can take a hard scrubbing as well.

This particular paella pan is created to fit 25 portions. The large size of the pan allows the paella enthusiast to evenly spread the rice and ingredients over a larger surface area allowing for a larger amount of socarrat to form - arguably one of the best parts of a paella.

Rolled steel is versatile and sturdy, allowing for a hard scrubbing. The best way to care for your polished steel paella pan is to allow it to soak for a few hours before cleaning. After removing all the caked-on particulates and ensuring the pan is fully dry, coat it in a thin layer of vegetable oil to ensure it doesn’t rust.

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