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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Goikoa Salchichon Extra Cular


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The Goikoa Salchichon has been carefully cured to enhance its flavor and quality. It is soft and juicy, with a deliciously full-bodied flavor that is sweet but with spicy overtones.

Salchichon is a Spanish summer sausage prepared with lean pork flesh that has been seasoned with pepper, salt, garlic, and other herbs. It is meticulously cured in order to retain and improve its entire flavor and quality. It is purple-red in hue and has a powerful scent. It boasts a supple and juicy quality, as well as a full-bodied taste. Though rich of taste, it remains delicate and sweet, with contrasting yet delightful spice overtones. For your convenience and simplicity of usage, this is also sliced.

Serve your Goikoa Sachichon Extra with Manchego cheese slices. It’s also delicious as a sandwich, especially with Manchego and arugula on ciabatta. Salchichon can also be used in place of pepperoni on pizza. Combine this cured beef with an Albarino.

Storage Instructions

This type of sausage may be stored for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator (whole or in vacuum-packed slices). After opening, they should be used within 3 weeks.