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Señorío De Montanera Lomo Doblado 100% Ibérico-Bellota

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Beautiful, acorn-fed 100% Iberico loin hailing from the landlocked community of Extremadura.

The Lomo Doblado was, in the past, a famous preparation of the succulent loin of Iberico pigs. The exact recipe and creation was actually lost for a time due to a lack of generational awareness. The recipe was revived by artisanal meat sellers and butchers. One such revivalist is Señorío De Montanera, who pride themselves on delivering the very best products.

The Lomo Doblado is made with corn-fed, Iberico pork loins. It is marinated in a mixture of garlic, salt, and Iberico lard. After which, it is folded in half, giving it the name doblado. It is then tied with thick string, and because of the thickness of the loin itself, it is allowed to cure for 6 months. After this time, it is ready for consumption.

This delicious meat is best eaten thinly sliced. It can be consumed on its own or as part of pastas, salads, and sandwiches. It has no paprika added to it with only very minimal seasoning. This is to allow the natural flavor of the meat to be the star of the show.

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