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Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Nakoa Chocolate 90% Cacao


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Intense, bitter, and with very little sweetness this chocolate is versatile and can be enjoyed by all chocolate lovers, sweet tooth or not!

Nakoa has been creating chocolates and sweet delicacies for over 100 years. Founded in 1858, Nakoa follows the same traditions and methods to create delicious sweets now as they did over a century ago. They believe that all good things take time.

Nakoa’s Chocolate Bar with 90% Cacao is an intense bite. Almost pure cacao, this bar is very bitter and has a uniquely intense chocolate taste. Fortune favors the bold, as the saying goes. The bold few who really enjoy this bar will be fortunate indeed as the nutty, deep, rich, and earthy flavors propagated by the delicious cacao bean can be fully experienced. Not only that, but it is also quite healthy for you, having very little in the way of added fats or sugars (save those brought to the bar by the cacao bean itself), and promoting a good deal of vitamins and minerals to boot!

The bar may be enjoyed straight out of the packet but is great for cooking as well. Others may wish to melt it down with a bit of milk / cream and sugar, but this defeats the purpose of having such a pure bar of chocolate. It is great when used as hot chocolate or grated over a hot cup of coffee for an intensely ‘mocha’ effect.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.