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Cured meat with a clear, robust porky flavor. Commonly used for pastas and other traditional Italian dishes

Black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves are among the most popular aromatic herbs and spices added during the brining process to give this cured meat its distinctive flavor. During this time, the meat is left to naturally cure for anywhere from a few days to many weeks. After the curing process, it may be smoked. Unlike commercially manufactured American bacon, it has a clear, robust porky flavor with a sweetness that isn’t typically encountered.

As a charcuterie board item, it is delicious with goat cheese, Montasio or Parmigiano Reggiano, but when cooked, it takes on a richer taste. When guanciale isn’t available, it might be used in Italian carbonara as a substitute. Italian traditional dish (Guan­ciale still being the most preferred meat of choice).

For this pancetta, you may try Tagliatelle al ragu, Paninis, Pasta with Asparagus and Pancetta and Avocado with Egg and Pancetta slices in tomato-based meals.

A dark heavy beer and pancetta are a match made in heaven. Wines made from the Sangiovese grape, which is widely grown in Italy and is a prominent variety in Tuscany’s renowned Chianti, are recommended for pairings. This Pancetta pairs nicely with Sangiovese because of its strong acidity, which goes well with a variety of highly-spiced dishes. A mild tan­nin level is also present to complement the pork’s fat.

Many long-distance sailors have been saved by cured foods. Pancetta’s history dates back to the 15th century, when it first appeared in shipping manifests. The DOP-protected Calabrian and Piacentina types of pancetta are the most well-known, although there are many more available across Italy. When pancetta and prosciutto are both sliced into thin slices and served pre-packed at a deli counter, some people may mistake them for one other. It’s best to think of prosciutto as the Italian version of ham, with its well rounded shoulders, whereas pancetta, with its rich and buttery belly, is more accurately described as Italian bacon.

Storage Instructions

May be stored for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator (whole or in vacuum-packed slices). After opening, they should be used within 3 weeks.