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Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado V.O.R.S

A Taste of Time and Tradition


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Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado V.O.R.S is a tribute to Spain's grand winemaking history, a symbol of tradition encapsulated in a bottle. It is a story told through years of meticulous aging and passion for excellence. A wine that stands as a testament to quality and dedication, crafted by the exceptional Valdespino, one of the oldest wineries in Jerez. Together they make a wine nothing short of a masterpiece.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado V.O.R.S invites the senses into a rapture as it reveals a complex array of notes. Its captivating aromas of toasted almonds, dried fruits, and spices, notably cinnamon and nutmeg, intertwine in perfect harmony, exuding an air of sophistication and intrigue. On the palate, a symphony of flavors delights; rich, toasted almonds provide a nutty backbone, layered with hints of sweet caramel and subtle tones of wood, an echo of the oak barrels where it gracefully aged. Its texture is smooth, velvety, wrapping the palate in an elegant dance between acidity and sweetness. The experience caps off with a lingering finish, a flavorful tableau that takes one through a six-decade journey of careful wine crafting. It is a taste profile that stands proud in its category - a distinctly unique fortified wine that provides a sensory spectacle.

### Pairings & Suggestions

  • Oily Fish: Experience a delightful combination of Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado V.O.R.S’s rich, nutty flavors with delicately prepared oily fish like salmon or mackerel, enhancing the wine’s texture and depth.\n Spicy Dishes: Match the wine’s robust, intense character with the bold, aromatic spices found in Moroccan or Indian cuisine.\n Smoked Foods: Allow the wine’s toasted almond and caramel flavors to balance out the smoky elements in smoked salmons or cheeses.\n Blue Cheeses: Pair with strong blue cheeses like Roquefort or Stilton. The wine’s rich, sweet, and nutty elements nicely offset the cheese’s sharpness and saltiness.\n White Meats: Serve alongside subtly flavored white meats, such as roasted chicken or pork tenderloin - the wine’s flavors will enhance these light dishes.

    Valdespino and the Voyage of a Thousand Barrels

Valdespino, one of the oldest wineries in Jerez de la Frontera, plays host to history. Established in 1264, the brand has been a silent witness to centuries of stories and transformations, remaining resilient and steadfast in its passion for wine. The move of 25,000 barrels of their soleras from the old bodegas to a new facility, taking two and a half careful years, perhaps best epitomizes Valdespino’s dedication. A testament to their meticulousness, it ensured the quality and integrity of their age-old solera system, vouching for the authentic, distinct taste of their wines. This tale of preservation is perhaps the most telling about Valdespino’s character - a brand unyielding in its commitment to uphold tradition and quality.

Storage Instructions

To maintain the integrity and quality of the Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado V.O.R.S, store it in a cool, dark environment with a consistently moderate temperature of around 13°C to 15°C. Keep in minimal light and maintain an optimal humidity level to prevent the cork from drying out. Store the wine horizontally if it’s sealed with a natural cork. Avoid excessive movement or vibration to prevent disturbing any possible sediment. Finally, remember to provide good ventilation to avoid undesirable odors affecting the wine.